NORIMONOYA started from motorcycle shop in the Setagaya area of Tokyo. Although it was a motorcycle shop, it developed many original parts and motorcycle products. MonkeyDavidson, CafeRacer and SideCar are the masterpieces of NORIMONOYA, which are the pioneers of the popular Monkey modification. It is also the inventor of the prototype car (Cypress) of the popular MiniCar in Japan. It was reported every week by various magazines and TV stations.

The CafeRacer and MonkeyDavidson, developed by NORIMONOYA, were also rated as the best models by the Tokyo Motorcycle Show (7th, 8th, 9th) for three consecutive years.

The founder, Yamaguchi Saburo, was active in the automotive industry as a developer after NORIMONOYA. He has cooperated with the Yamaha engine of the company and has also served as the president of the Nisshinbo Research Institute, a subsidiary of Nisshinbo. After retiring, he was invited by Mr. Zhang Ben, the president of CJ-BEET, to resurrect NORIMONOYA in the form of NORIMONOYA-Labo.
Founder: Yamaguchi Saburo

Experiences and portfolios

・Participating in a car race.
・Champion of the 1st Big Island Cross-country race. 
・Awarded the S.T.P.PR event commendation by Mr. Abe Taro of the Liberal Democratic Party.
1971-1973 ・Participating in Suzuka 20th class as a specially invited driver
1973        Founded NORIMONOYA
1977        CafeRacer awarded as the outstanding model of the modified car by the 7th Tokyo Motorcycle Show.
1978        MonkeyDavidson awarded as the outstanding model of modified cars by the 8th Tokyo Motorcycle Show
1979        MonkeyDavidson awarded as the outstanding model of modified cars by the 9th Tokyo Motorcycle Show
1981        Developed the first all-weather motorcycle SideCar in Japan, with 750 units sold.
1982        Founded NORIMONOYA Co., Ltd.
1986        Consultant of Grandbill Japan
1986        Formula one club established. Time trial developed with racing car RC601.
1988        Signed a cooperation agreement with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. to carry out planning, development and testing of new products.
1989        President of Techno Beagle Co., Ltd. 
1997        The first paragliding association in Japan established.
2000        The R&D team of Tohatsu Co., Ltd. participated in the development of the racing engine. After the engine success, the racing car MonsterQ was developed under the promise of Nissan.
2004        The 1911 wooden motor boat Dolly18 2/1 designed and manufactured in Thailand. 
2016        NORIMONOYA Labo founded to develop the classic 1930s classic N1930.


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