Would you like to take for a ride with the brand-new vintage car in the 1930S?

The 1930s was the first car maturity that humanity ushered in. It was the age when people could start making cars according to their own ideas. MonkeyDavidson's NORIMONOYA and CJ-BEET have teamed up to develop the N1930 series of classic cars that can easily enjoy the good atmosphere of the era from scratch.

In order to reproduce the authenticity of the 1930s, we found drawings and various materials of that era, using modern materials and techniques without affecting the overall atmosphere. Especially in terms of the damper, in order to maintain the authentic design of the year, we used the leaf spring for the front wheel damping. As of the engine, we use a four-stroke engine with a displacement of 50CC-125CC. A small car equipped with a 50CC engine in Japan can be registered with the MiniCar license. It can be used not only on the road, but also at a low cost, making it easier for guests to enjoy. After the initiation of this project for 3 years, the development team felt from the bottom of the heart that they managed to develop a brand-new classical classic car that was really gratifying.